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Heirloom Pumpkins:



This pumpkin variety sports a delightful pale yellow hue, reminiscent of a refreshing glass of lemonade on a warm, sunny day. These bright, cheerful pumpkins have a nice round shape with medium ribbing and a strong stem, great for carving!


Porcelain Doll

This elegant pumpkin displays a smooth, pale skin that resembles the delicate beauty of porcelain. This variety is known for its large, blocky shape, deep ribbing, and amazing pink color. Aside from its striking appearance, Porcelain Doll is sought after for its sweet flesh, ideal for pies, soups, and canning.


Blue Doll

This captivating, blue-gray heirloom stands out in a sea of traditional orange. Characterized by its smooth skin and uniform shape, the Blue Doll Pumpkin is as visually appealing as it is versatile.




The Cinderella Pumpkin is known for its warm, sunlike appearance. This rich orange and red heirloom pumpkin adds a lovely and welcoming touch to your autumn décor. With its deeply ribbed and flattened shape, along with a smooth skin, this is a very unique and popular variety that pairs well with other colorful arrangements.



Step into a storybook world with this enchanting pumpkin variety. With its deeply ridged, smooth skin and cartoonish curves, this pumpkin gives off imagery that is reminiscent of a fairy tale illustration. This magical pumpkin also changes color! It starts as a dark, striking green off the vine and turns into a beautiful tan as it ripens.

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